Discovering Umbria

Campello sul Clitunno

Campello sul Clitunno is a small town in the province of Perugia, located on the Monte Pettino's slopes, on the banks of the river Clitunno, less than 13 km faraway from Spoleto. In the village of Campello Alto, on the top of a hill, stands a picturesque medieval castle built in 921 by Rovero of Champeause, Baron of Burgundy, from whom was born both the "famous" family of Campello and the name of the village. Some of the small villages closed to Campello, have to be remembered: Pissignano, La Spina, Agliano and Acera.

Le fonti del Clitunno

From the waters of the river Clitunno take their origin the Fonti del Clitunno, clear springs, shaded by weeping willows trees, in the past celebrated by poets such as Vergil and Carducci, for their bucolic atmosphere and idyllic place. Nearby there is the Temple of Clitunno, a Lombard architectural structure that has become a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2011.